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DJ Magazine (also known as DJ Mag) is a British monthly magazine dedicated to electronic dance music and DJs.[2] Founded in 1991, the magazine is adapted for distribution in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Latin America, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.

A piece was written By tiffa for EDMTUNES about Mag’s Top 100 DJ List: Legitimate or a Joke?

Since its founding in 1991, this is a list that has been an intrinsic component of the electronic music industry. It is seen as a list that supposedly holds ranking for the world’s best DJs. In the early days, the top spots of this poll were dominated by the veteran or senior artists who have all held long-running and critically acclaimed careers. There are also few artists taking brand new entries, as well as some who are highly questionable in their rankings. This list provides a large amount of exposure for artists worldwide, whether it’s seen as controversial or not.

The Bads Nowadays, if we were to say “this is the list we’ve been waiting for,” many of us are probably lying. The majority of the fans and artists who’ve spoken up about this list have all agreed, “It’s a joke.” Before we get too carried away in wanting to decimate the list’s legitimacy, let’s take a closer look at exactly why this ranking is appalling to most. Not only has Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike acquired rank #1 for this year’s list–the real question is, why? It’s not entirely fair that it seems the top 10 on this list is geared towards the big room and mainstream spectrum of electronic dance music. Artists like Martin Garrix have appeared and reappeared for the past three years remaining undefeated. Albeit, there are some artists on this list who do not even need to campaign for votes. On the flip side, it is insanely questionable and comical how a long-running artist like Kaskade is not even on the list at all. How is it that a leading sound in techno such as Richie Hawtin appears lower in ranks than MATTN? Ranking in at #51, the number of prerecorded sets that MATTN has messed up is probably close to the number of tours that Richie Hawtin has embarked on. And yet, when the Top 100 list is a popularity contest, being the wife of the most popular DJ helps. Aside from that, We’ve got artists like Timmy Trumpet who rank higher than Eric Prydz. Is DJ Mag’s Top 100 list just a popularity contest at the end of the day? Top-ranking artists have repeatedly been the same, year after year. If this list should speak for the world’s “Best DJs,” why does it seem so incredibly biased towards only one spectrum of dance music?


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"Works you way to much with very little compensation. Pure commission with no salary or base pay. Requires you to work on the weekends as a second job. Cons: poor upper management, long work week, no salary or base pay, inconsistent messages from upper management"

Marketing/Sales (Former Employee) says

"I wanted to give an honest review to keep people from making the same mistake I did. I applied with the hopes of growing my sales knowledge and experience, which I definitely did. I learned A LOT. However, the pay is VERY MINIMAL, and there is no base salary. Most of the other reviews say that you only make a lot of money if you are willing to put in the hard work, which is only a little true. I was hired with the notion that I would be doing DJ sales, and I might have to DJ a little on the side, but only if nobody else is available. I could not have worked any harder than I did during my time with DJ Connection, and I was barely making $9 an hour with commission. On top of that, they had me DJing almost every weekend on my days off. This company makes a lot of promises in the beginning that you can make LOADS of money, but I didn’t see anyone making what they said was achievable. Trips to wedding shows are required on some weekends. You must use your own personal vehicle, and no bonus pay or compensation. Must use your own vehicle to carry massive DJ equipment to and from events, and no mileage compensation. Cons: No base salary, required to DJ on the weekends, required travel to wedding shows"

DJ/Sales (Former Employee) says

"Its a great way to meet people when working at events but requires a lot of cold calling. Its a heavy sales sided job with a fun atmosphere but highly competitive sales team"

DJ/MC (Former Employee) says

"In addition to scraps for pay compared to the time/effort required to do a gig, you must sign a non compete for 18 flipping months. If you worked every weekend during that same time you'd make $10,800- $14,000 plus tips (scarce) or do your own gigs for $500_$700 each gig.. instead of doing this job 81 times you could do it alone 15 times. You do the math. HORRIBLE COMPENSATION Cons: Being treated like a dog by hot people"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at D-J Engineering full-time Cons: Pay isn't ever going to be what you're worth."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for more than 5 years Cons: You can give and give and give to this company and all they will do is take and expect it to continue. However, they won’t compensate you for your hard work, or even tell you that you’ve done a good job. Upper management will cuss at you, call you names, micro-manage to extreme proportions and treat you like you’re less than human. There is absolutely zero true human resource department. HR literally does payroll and administrative duties. There is no employee advocate. Being a female in this company is also a severe disadvantage unless you’re married to someone in authority. They will fire employees for nothing, while refusing to give feedback or do employee reviews. Benefits are minimal and medical coverage is crazy expensive unless you’re single with no kids. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time Cons: No vacation time till 1 year anniversary, no pto till 2 year anniversary."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for less than a year Cons: Long hours, health benefits are changing and the cost was ridiculous. There is no loyalty for working your tail off. When I was let go, I asked why and I kid you not, they said they don't have a reason and referred to the fact that Kansas is a right to work state. Management have way too many hats, and has their hands in stuff they should leave to the people they hire. Management also lacks communication skills. You will never know if you are meeting their expectations. The owner has trust issues and it takes at least 2 years before he will give you any trust."

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for more than a year Cons: Will work you to death. No regular pay raise. Fire people without any prior warnings and does not give any good reason if they fire anyone."

Project Engineer says

"I have been working at D-J Engineering Cons: Uneducated unskilled high school graduate management who over sees engineering and other important departments of the company but can't navigate properly in CATIA V5. Make sure you have no degree before joining. Havig no degree almost certainly guarantees success and a smooth pathway to management position. 95% management of this company is unfortunately high school graduate. But all of them got one capability- the ability to BS by their mouth. Being fired from the company is like being in a romantic relationship with a bipolar person. You are not certain whether you will be fired at any given moment for no reason. They are yet to learn what professionalism is. I suppose this is what professionalism is to people whose education ended in high school. Be careful if you have a degree and certainly jumo for it if you have none"

Former Employee - 4th Class Power Engineer says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for more than a year Cons: Extremely low pay, high accountability, frequently lays off employees due to shut downs, poor management structure, inability to pay to repair parts."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Mandatory 10 hour work days are rough and rare in the industry. Benefits are little comparing to industry standard that are hard to keep good employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at D-J Engineering full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Minimum 50 hour work week, poor benefits"


"I have been working at D-J Engineering Cons: Low job security, low internal morale, benefits package is lacking."

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